#66 – Getting Naked With Strangers

Rick goes to a P!NK concert and decides he is way too old for concerts but he wonders who you would HAVE to go see in concert if you had the chance. Cheri admits she has trouble meeting people but also admits she doesn’t like getting off the couch. She does however enjoy getting naked with strangers and she has a difficult time making Rick understand. Rick has a theory about high school sports teams and a person’s self esteem. Our Live Beer Review is PBP Peanut Butter Porter by Back Forty Beer Company.

65: A HUGE Revelation

Happy new week everyone! This week’s show is a very important episode but also comes with a warning. Of all of our NSFW shows, this is one of the NSFWiest so please keep that in mind. Rick has a HUGE revelation that leads the discussion down one gigantic rabbit hole. Cheri and Rick discuss and explore some issues dealing with the trans community in their typical irreverent ways, yet still somehow do so with respect. Go figure. We’d love to have your feedback on how they handled it all. The Live Beer Review is PranQster by North Coast Brewing.

Episode #64 – All Irish

It’s “St. Patrick’s Day” Week and we get our Irish on by discussing St. Patrick’s Day and Irish etiquette. We crack open our HUGE sack of listener mail and then discuss 18 of the best Irish movies you can watch for your celebration. Rick decides to try out CBD hemp oil and throws out an interesting idea for a future show. Our Live Beer Review this week is a controversial choice: Bud Light Platinum from Anheuser-Busch. Well, we had to do it at some point.

#63 – Beatin’ the Monkey

Episode 63: After the death this past week of Peter Tork of the Monkees, Rick decides that the surviving Monkees and the surviving Beatles should form a supergroup and go on the road. We open a special gift box sent by a listener. Should you lose your job and career if you do something really dumb? The debate is on. Cheri faces a major revelation about her life. Our Live Beer Review features Brown Sugar Brown Cow from D9 Brewing.

#61 – Sick As A Dog

Sorry about missing a show last week but Cheri had a pet emergency. She discusses and updates everything in this, Episode 61. Rick has a list of the most hazardous household objects for pets. Do you ever try to get free work from one of your friends in a particular profession? Maybe your friends are always hitting you up for free work or advice. Rick wonders what professions create the most demands from friends for free work. Our Live Beer Review is Down Home Brewing Company’s T-Pom Pomegranate Wheat Ale.

#60 The New Bob Dylan

Well, I was supposed to edit this episode but it got too messy and I just left it all like it was. I had what I thought was a simple enough question: Who is each generation’s Bob Dylan? Bob has the 60s and 70s, so who is the 80s Bob Dylan? The 90s? 2000? Anyway, it all wen t wrong, so we apologize. Cheri asks “What are things you say to your dog that could also be said during sex? On second thought everything should have been edited out of this episode. Our Live Beer Review is Stone Brewing’s Xocoveza.

#59 Killing The Family

Let’s start off your week with something cheerful friends! What would you do if one of your parents killed your entire family (except you, of course)? Would you forgive them? Would you visit them in prison? Rick wants to know. Cheri wonders why female superheroes need to act like male superheroes to be successful superheroes. Can’t we all just be our own superhero? Thanks to a listener question, Rick gives an update on the bidet. Riveting content, people. Our Live Beer Review is Christmas Ale by Abita Brewing. Ho, ho, ho!

#58 The Foundations of Knee Surgery

This week we are hanging out at Cheri’s place while she recovers from knee surgery. Rick wants to know if they may have performed one of those “unauthorized exams” on her we discussed in a previous episode. Cheri is confident they didn’t. Rick says “maybe.” Rick discovers that learning the foundations of the things he currently does, can only make those things better. A woman in Vietnam goes to the doctor fo a headache and comes out with a… well, just listen. Our Live Beer Review is Hardywood’s CuvĂ©e Gold.

#57 – A Crappy Cure for Baldness

Rick believes he has discovered a cure for baldness and it doesn’t involve what anyone thinks it would. Cheri and Rick revisit the original vision of This Epic Disaster and try to figure out what the hell happened. Is it disrespectful to take a cup of coffee before the entire thing finishes brewing? Rick says yes. Cheri can’t figure out the meaning of one of Rick’s weird dreams, so maybe a listener can. Our Live Beer review is Wild Heaven Beer’s Ode to Mercy Special Winter Ale.