#82: This Bites

Rick brings a much needed present to Cheri to help her deal with one of her big fears. Rick visits the Grant Park Market in Atlanta and has nothing but praises. Cheri gets a dog bite and researches what to do when bitten. Rick wants to know what changes in a relationship would most affect your relationship for the worse. Our Live Beer Review finds us climbing Southbound Brewing Company’s Mountain Jam.

#81: Gin Cocktails

Cheri and Rick celebrate Independence Day with some gin cocktails and, I guess everyone can tell. Cheri make a guest appearance on the Earth Station Who Podcast #219. Tune in and give it a listen! Cheri has new dreams that she needs Rick to interpret. Rick realizes in the middle of the show that it is 10 years to the day that Rick and Cheri first met. Cheri is obsessed with Harry Potter Wizards Unite game. Our Live Beer Review is Scofflaw Brewing Company’s FXXX Pollen.

#80 Getting Naked and Eating Meat

Rick’s home AC goes on the fritz so he gets naked and gets to Cheri’s house. But not in that order. Cheri has important questions which may save the lives of space aliens or Earthlings, depending upon what’s important to you. Rick does something he hasn’t done in 26 years. He eats meat. On purpose. WTF?? He explains why. Our Live Beer Review is Hi Wire Lager by Hi Wire Brewing. Share the podcast with your friends! Repost links! Give us a rating! Tell everyone what you think!

#79 – I’m Batman

Wow, it’s Episode 79, the last show of our 70s. And we still feel so young! On this show Rick buys a bat house and ponders where to install it. We read the results of our online poll about favorite comic strips and Rick reveals what he believes to be the 5 greatest comic strips of all time! Cheri discovers a misprint in Australian currency and may have revealed a “get rich quick” scheme. Our Live Beer Review is Southern Brewing Company’s Red And Black.

#78: The Great Outdoors

Rick and Cheri take the show on the road to Atlanta’s Grind House Killer Burgers where they encounter steamy temperatures, hungry dogs and loud motors and Rick wonders if loud motors are a compensation for genital size. We read listener mail and ponder alternative representation to our viewpoints. Cheri makes a monumental screw up at work which could cost her her job. Is she still employed? Rick examines how much responsibility people should take for hurting other people’s feelings. Especially ugly, crybaby people (See what I did there?) We don’t have a Live Beer Review this week, however, we do review our delicious Boozy Shakes and it’s Booty Shake vs. Cinnamon Toast Krunk.

#77 – Psychic Powers

Cheri has a couple of strange dreams she presents to Rick for interpretation. Rick thinks maybe, just maybe they are the exact same dream! Rick wants to know if it’s racism to only want to date a person of a certain race. and what if the race is not one’s own race? Rick believes he has psychic abilities and decides to test them out on the spot. Things don’t look very promising but would Cheri believe him anyway? Our Live Beer Review this week is Wild Heaven Beer’s White Blackbird.

#56 When Movies Fail

What are you favorite movies that, for whatever reason, haven’t held up well over time? You know the ones, you loved them when you went to see them at the theater but when you watch them now they seem like some bad TV movie. Also, which movies have held up so well over the years, they could still seem like new even now? Send us an email and tell us your favorites. Would you want your every movements to be tracked in exchange for increased safety and security? How much of your privacy would you give up? Our Live Beer Review pours out Evening Joe Coffee Blonde Ale by Catawba Brewing.

#75 – Chocolate Cow Titties

Well, we’re never going to hit it big and be on iTunes’ Best New Podcast list or in an NPR podcast spotlight, so we might as well name an episode “Chocolate Cow Titties.” Rick discovers a new musical artist who has been around for some time now. Cheri tries to wade through a negative situation with a friend. Rick decides to examine Georgia’s new “Heartbeat Bill” in a non political, non religious way. Good luck, dumbass. Our Live Beer Review is Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter by JDub’s Brewing Company.

#74 – That’s A Fact, Jack!

Some episodes seem to be cursed from the beginning. Like this one, for instance. 15 minutes into the podcast, we realize we aren’t actually recording. So, we now are literallymaking podcasts no one listens to. But, alas, we begin again because that’s what we do. Rick decides to start doing yoga again and it hurts. Cheri and Rick start a blitz of facts. There. You’re smarter now. Rick discovers people in Asia are putting cockroaches on their faces and posting it to social media. The Live Beer Review is Scofflaw Brewing Company’s Dirty Beaches