196: Happy Halloween 2021

TED 196 Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween 2021! We can’t even believe it’s already Halloween, but we’ve prepared a creepy show for you nonetheless! Ghost stories, facts about vampires and vampire bats, a story written by a fellow Disasterbator and a classic horror story from our early podcasting days. Additionally, we have a scary version of “Would You Rather?” and our Live Beer Review is the crimson Bloodmoon by Blue Tarp Brewing Company. Happy Trick or Treating!

194: Fake Flu

TED 194 Fake Flu

When life gives you lemons don’t make lemonade, grab a beer with Cheri and Rick as they discuss the events of the week. This week’s Live Beer Review is Wicked Weed Brewing’s Appalachia Session IPA.

193: Leaving Facebook

TED 193 Leaving Facebook

This week, Rick has the worst mac & cheese he’s ever had. Cheri thinks she may have come close. After receiving a warning by Facebook for a joke to a friend, Rick decides to delete his Facebook account. Cheri and Rick end up taking the conversation to areas that would receive much more than just a warning on Facebook. Our Live Beer Review Is Tiny Bomb by Wiseacre Brewing Company.

191: Cutting the Cheese

Rick returns from his Minneapolis vacation with a stash of vegan cheese. Is it as disgusting as it sounds? A taste test investigation is conducted. Are you a hugger or a non hugger? Should people be expected and even forced to hug each other? What exactly are the hug rules? Our Live Beer Review is Omme Gang Brewery’s Rye Barrel Vanilla Stout.

190: Mudslide

Ted 191 Mudslide

Are Rick’s dreams trying to tell him something about his sexuality? Are we all becoming more forgetful or is it just us? Also, are we all becoming more forgetful or is it just us? When does a caricature of someone become racist? Is there such a thing? Our Live Beer Review is Lagunitas’ Maximus Colossal IPA.

189: Mila Kunis In My Pants

TED 189 Mila Kunis In My Pants

Hey everyone! Sorry about the screw up last week. Rick recorded this episode on top of that one and lost it forever. What a dumbass! This week Cheri and Rick sample vegan beef jerky and discover who the real jerks are. If you were going to reset your life right now, what would you do different? Would you start a brand new career? Rick has a dream about Mila Kunis in his pants. Our Live Beer Review is Yuengling’s Oktoberfest.

188: Eating Taiwan

TED 188 Eating Taiwan

This week we take a little trip to Taiwan through the vehicle of savory snacks! Join us, won’t you? Our Live Beer Review is Maduro Brown Ale from Cigar City Brewing.

187: The Hero Dog

TED 187 The Hero Dog

Rick remembers when you used to drink good, plain beer. Are all attorneys jerks? If so, why? We discuss. Rick’s dog becomes a hero and doesn’t even know it. An important sculpture makes its way home. Our Live Beer Review is Sierra Nevada’s Wild Little Thing Slightly Sour Ale.