140: Late

TED Episode 140 Late

Well, we didn’t release this show after recording it last week because Rick went out of town and forgot to post it before he left. That kind of thing happens when you get really, really old. So just ignore all the talk about Labor Day. Cheri and Rick have some weird dreams, Rick’s van gives up the ghost and Cheri has some quarantine vet experiences. Our Live Beer Review is Red Hare Brewing Company’s Citra DryHop Lager.

139: Lots and Lots of SEX!

139 TED Lots and Lots of SEX!

Welcome to our largest episode to date! It’s large, it’s big, it’s fully engorged! It’s our SEX Episode! So much SEX in this episode! SEX trivia! SEX facts! Sex world records! There’s so much SEX in this episode, you’ll want to light up a cigarette after listening! But don’t, smoking is very bad for you. Just leave the cash on the nightstand and we won’t tell a soul. Our Live Beer Review is 18th Street Brewery’s SEX and Candy. Hmmm, should we do it again??

138: Chinese Shoes

TED 138 Chinese Shoes

Rick’s long awaited package from China finally comes in. Is it everything he hoped for? Rick can’t finish the movie “Rocketman.” Cheri prepares for Halloween and we kick off our 5th Annual Halloween Story Podcast. Rick analyzes his Garrison Keillor conspiracy. Our Live Beer Review is the orange juicy Bama Mosa Brut by Back Forty Beer Company

133: Slashing For Love


This week, Rick stops eating, Cheri discovers the perils of business IMing, Rick tells of one mans extreme way of trying to meet women while Cheri and Rick recall their own extreme dating actions and Rick finds quarantine relief in online shopping. Our Live Beer Review Is Mike’s Pastry Cannoli Stout by Harpoon Brewery

131: The COVID Test


TED-131-COVID-TestRick takes a COVID19 Test and describes what it’s like and reveals the results. Cheri and Rick taste-test a cheese spread by someone named Chad and discuss the downfall of statues and monuments. Our Live Beer Review is Not Today Satan by Pontoon Brewery.