This Epic Disaster 31 – Not Gonna Buy A Bitch A Pony

Cheri and Rick have returned from photographing a friend’s wedding which has led them to think of many moral dilemmas regarding weddings, from stealing gifts to catching members of the wedding party in compromising positions. Also, discussed is the best concerts ever attended, including some listener submissions.This week’s Live Beer Review is Lord Gray by Three Taverns Brewery. Give us some love this week by telling your friends about us or posting this show on your social media. Many thanks!

After Disaster #31 “We Play A Round of Zobmondo”

We just recorded episode 31 and decided to do a little video showing the upcoming Live Beer Review beer and play a round of Zobmondo. This is the type of fun we always have around here.

Rick’s Studio Tour

I was hanging out in the studio today and I thought I would give you a little tour of where we do what we do. Nothing fancy. Hope you like it. If you want some of those awesome stickers I talk about in the vid send us an email¬†with your mailing address and we’ll send some to you.

This Epic Disaster 30 – How Well Do You Know Me?

Independence Day is over and all the fireworks have settled and Cheri and Rick come back to the studio after a short vacay. We reveal the results of our 2018 Summer Playlistand break out a brand new T-Shirt design by cartoonist Jay Hilgenfeld. Rick wonders how much they actually know each other and provides a list of “Which Of Us Is Most Likely To…” questions. Maybe you think you know us and can predict the outcomes. Give it a try. This week’s Live Beer Review is Georgia Aquarium’s Sea Dragon Basil Blonde by Red Brick Brewing Company.

Our New Jay Hilgenfeld Designed T-Shirts Are Here!

This Epic Disaster Jay Higenfeld Illustration

Our new This Epic Disaster T-shirts are available featuring an illustration by the great cartoonist and illustrator Jay Hilgenfeld! You may remember Jay’s awesome cartoon of Rick and Cheri for The Life In A Kilt Podcast‘s “Kilt of Horrors” 2017 show. Now for This Epic Disaster Jay has Cheri and Rick behind the controls of some pretty serious epic disasters. You can get this design on several products in our merch store and, because this may have only a limited availability, you’ll want to grab your merchandise while you can!

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This Epic Disaster’s 2018 Summer Playlist

It’s This Epic Disaster’s 2018 Summer Playlist as created by the suggestions and votes of our listeners. Thanks to all who submitted suggestions and who voted. Now load up your vehicle and hit the road!

This Epic Disaster 28 – Maggot Wranglers

This week Cheri and Rick discuss fond remembrances of Anthony Bourdain and wonder how any one of us could help out someone who is going through a depression. Rick wonders if there are people with jobs as Hollywood Maggot Wranglers and how one would get in touch with them. Our Live Beer Review is Indeed Brewing’s Mexican Honey.

This Epic Disaster 27 – Boobs

Sometimes you need one entire podcast to discuss boobs. I don’t know why. To one degree or another we all have them but some are more fabulous than others and, whether we like it or not, boobs rule the world. Cheri and Rick try to figure out why. Our Live Beer Review this week is D9 Brewing Company’s Viking Scottish Sour Ale. Pour one as you listen!

This Epic Disaster 26 – Opposite Sex Friendships

One of Cheri’s friends told her she won’t be successful in dating because her best friend is a man. Now she’s concerned. What’s the real deal here? Can women and men be best friends without having a sexual relationship or at least wanting to? Would it make a difference if they have had sex in the past but no longer want to? Should male/female best friends just go ahead and have sex to get rid of any sexual tension in the relationship? Cheri and Rick try to get to the bottom of things. Our Live Beer Review this week is De-Lovely Porter by Urban Growler.