229: Breaking Up

TED 229 Breaking Up

Apologies for the late release. Rick had to go out of town on an emergency and couldn’t publish on the regular time. This week Rick wants a Half Bike. Cheri sees a disturbing documentary and Rick breaks up with his wife. But only in a dream. Have you ever reached out to communicate with your favorite celebrity? We discuss whether it is a good idea. Our Live Beer Review is Homestand by Atlanta Brewing Co.

228: Florida Man

Florida Man

This week we examine the whole “Florida Man” meme. Why Florida? Why are so many crazy things happening in the Sunshine State? We check out some of the wacky stories and we discuss how some people want a change of attention. Our Live Beer Review is Florida Man Double IPA by Cigar City Brewing.

227: Nasty Fish

TED 227 Nasty Fish

Rick gets the TED website up to date. Cheri has a perplexing dream which she presents to Rick for interpretation. We are reminded that several cultures enjoy rotting nasty fish and birds for lunch. Rick believes Japan is the land of bliss. A discussion about why it’s important to allow yourself to suck. Our Live Beer Review is the non-beery White Claw Blackberry Surge.


So, I fell a little behind in posting episodes to the website. I apologize. It’s a very important thing to do, as are most PR and marketing tasks of a podcast. It’s also kind of a full-time job and I already have 4 of those. Still, no excuse. Our listeners deserve more. Wait, if that’s true, why are they listening to TED? Never mind. We like you listener people and want you to keep listening so I promise to make an attempt to keep everything up to date. If I slip, I will kick my ass and make me get back online and do it.

I want to try to create more blog posts. Sort of like this, only better. Maybe with some nudity. I’m not sure about that part though. We’re still in talks with your mom. Ha! Never hesitate to take advantage of a “your mom” joke. Anyway, I think Cheri and I will be trying to blog here more. Maybe some behind the scene looks at the podcast or a little more info on a subject we discuss. Maybe you’ll find it interesting. Let us know.

I changed out my official podcast bio pic. I had the old one since the beginning. The new one makes me look much more friendly and balanced. I know you’ll agree.

Thanks for listening, Disasterbators! Tell your mom I said “Hi.”


226: A Poke In The Eye From Ray

TED 226 A Poke In The Eye From Ray

Happy Independence Day everyone! In this week’s episode we discuss lots of things that have nothing to do with the 4th of July or independence. It’s what we do. Hope you like it. Let us know. Our Live Beer Review is Orpheus Brewing’s Do or Die Spiced Chocolate.

225: How You Bee?


We say a big hello to Brad Pitt just in case. We also discuss pot, hot tubs and houses full of bees, because, why not? Cheri has a bee quiz. Rick discusses what it takes to get really good at something. Our Live Beer Review is Kennesaw Bourbon Ale by Dry County Brewing Company.

224: Pissing Off The Devil

Rick is concerned that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of implements for aging assistance that fit tall people. We wonder if Lord of the Rings is still a great movie or if it has aged awkwardly. Rick breaks into a long-awaited episode of Thrift Store Gift Party. We get a special call-in guest. This week’s Live Beer Review is no beer! It’s Smirnoff’s ICE Original.

223: Too Much Brew

TED 223 Too Much Brew

Rick is still suffering from the effects of too much beer this week so we cancelled our Live Beer Review. Just a nice friendly chat. And that’s not so bad.

222: The EVIL Show

TED 222 The EVIL Show

This week we discuss all things EVIL because it’s June 6, 2022 and Episode 222. (666). No spirits were conjured in the making of this podcast. Although Cheri experienced some stigmata but that’s another story. Our Live Beer Review is Devil’s Harvest Breakfast IPA by Southern Prohibition Brewing.