#74 – That’s A Fact, Jack!

Some episodes seem to be cursed from the beginning. Like this one, for instance. 15 minutes into the podcast, we realize we aren’t actually recording. So, we now are literallymaking podcasts no one listens to. But, alas, we begin again because that’s what we do. Rick decides to start doing yoga again and it hurts. Cheri and Rick start a blitz of facts. There. You’re smarter now. Rick discovers people in Asia are putting cockroaches on their faces and posting it to social media. The Live Beer Review is Scofflaw Brewing Company’s Dirty Beaches

#73: Ass Socks

We try to come up with a more effective curse word. In spite of that, Cheri exceeds her allotted amount of “F-bombs” in this show. Rick wants to know what foods you would still eat after dropping on the floor and what are the requirements for keeping or throwing away dropped food. Some of the best garage sale deals ever are revealed. Cheer wonders if anyone ever has “pet regret.” Our Live “Beer” Review is Hemptails by Rock Wall Brewing Company.

#72: Belly Of A Whale

Rick has a grocery store encounter of the strange and embarrassing kind. Cheri’s underwater fears come back to haunt her. Rick has a panic attach while in the crawl space of his house. Cheri questions the motivations of creative endeavors. Our Live Beer Review is Over and Over Pineapple Sour Ale by Orpheus Brewing.

Rick’s Webcomic, Clown School Cockroaches

Clown School Cockroaches

If you are a fan of webcomics, check out Rick’s webcomic “Clown School Cockroaches.” It’s a bizarre tale about the adventures of four cockroaches who happen to be in clown school. There are three ways to keep up with the comic, on Facebook, Instagram or on Tumblr. Choose your platform and then follow the story of Clown School Cockroaches!

#71: Moving Like A Shark

We’re recording this week on Rick’s birthday and he decides, instead of a Live Beer Review, he wants a scotch comparison. So that happens. Cheri wonders which is more important, to be financially secure or to be emotionally secure. What do you think? Rick explains why it is important in art and in life to move like a shark. Wave goodbye to April, everybody!

#70: Resurrected

Rick and Cheri ponder the meaning and the rituals of Easter, from eggs and chocolates to coming back from the dead. Rick tells 12 stories of actual resurrections (really?). Cheri has cheat codes for a special game. Our Live Beer Review is Maudite Belgian Style Double Ale by Unibroue.

#69 – Archery and Arborists

Episode 69 (heh, heh…) – Cheri goes on vacation and gets naked and high, which sounds like she didn’t go on vacation at all. She comes back with an arm bruise from bad archery technique. Rick went to Nashville and came back with an unusable podcast interview. What would be the worst super hero powers a person could have? Cheri delivers an exhaustive list. Rick has very large trees (At least 200 feet) removed from his front yard and is completely amazed at the process. Our Live Beer Review is Prank Calls To Satan by Wiseacre Brewing Companyof Memphis, TN.

#68 – Snake Stories

Rick starts off in a dark mood and wonders which TV commercial spokesperson you would kill if you could. A discussion (and review) about the Motley Crue biopic “The Dirt”leads to another discussion about who the greatest “hairband” vocalist might be. Cheri discusses a story about a snake which has intrigued her for decades. Rick speculates how he might handle dangerous confrontations even though he admits he probably wouldn’t. Our Live Beer review is Monday Night Brewing’s Han Brolo Hazy Pale Ale.

#67 – Where’s My Leg?

After years of podcasting Rick is miffed that he and Cheri still don’t have their own Wikipedia page. Cheri makes a startling admission that she doesn’t really care for one of Rick’s all-time-favorite bands. Rick makes a startling admission of his own about an artist he used to love. Somehow the conversation turns to talk of penises. We really try not to do this. But it happened. Cheri discusses an identity disorder which involves people wanting to have one or more of their limbs amputated. Our Live Beer Review this week is Yuengling’s Porter.

#66 – Getting Naked With Strangers

Rick goes to a P!NK concert and decides he is way too old for concerts but he wonders who you would HAVE to go see in concert if you had the chance. Cheri admits she has trouble meeting people but also admits she doesn’t like getting off the couch. She does however enjoy getting naked with strangers and she has a difficult time making Rick understand. Rick has a theory about high school sports teams and a person’s self esteem. Our Live Beer Review is PBP Peanut Butter Porter by Back Forty Beer Company.