This Epic Disaster 40 – Which Accents Are Racist?

Rick wants to do an accent but he doesn’t want to offend anyone so he wonders which accents are considered “racist” or “wrong” for your average middle-aged white guy to do. Irish? Italian? Indian? Chinese? Speak to us, listeners! (In your favorite accent, of course.) Cheri takes an HIV test and isn’t sure she studied hard enough for it. She reveals the results on the show. Rick watches a very heavy documentary and plays a time-wasting game and enjoys both of them. Our Live Beer Review turns out to not be a beer at all but Zombie Killer Cider by B Nektar. Oops.

This Epic Disaster 38 – Conflicted

This week Cheri has figured out the big difference between the fears she had in her 20s and the ones she has now. An unsuspected fart clears the podcast studio. Rick admits he is horrible with handling conflict and looks to get better. Our Live Beer review is Naked Pig Pale Ale by Back Forty Beer Company.

This Epic Disaster 37 – Chicken Diapers

We’re a bit tardy this week so thanks for being patient. Cheri admits that she picks up poop at 5AM naked and Rick realizes that is the subject of many of his nightmares. Plans are being made for Halloween and something special is brewing. An announcement shall be forthcoming. Rick discovers a woman is making chicken diapers and thinks it’s a brilliant idea. The conversation turns to Rocky Horror Picture Show, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our Live Beer Review is A.T. Ale by Second Self Beer Company.

This Epic Disaster 36 – Fear of Large, Underwater Things

Cheri dishes out a phobia quiz and decides it’s time to confront a phobia that she never realized she had. Rick encounter’s a friend’s Doppelgänger and encounters his own Noppelgänger. How do you feel about underarm hair on women? Would it prevent you from going on a date with such a woman? And while we’re on the subject of dating, Rick has a new themed version of Missed Connections he calls “Never Gonna Happen.” The Live Beer Review shoots up Hoppy Ki Yay by Lonerider.

This Epic Disaster 35 – I Put A Spell On You

Rick notices almost every time a show is recorded there is a thunderstorm so he wonders if maybe the show is cursed. Just in case, he finds some magick spells to see if they can drive out the storms. Cheri gets a care package from a listener and Rick questions whether all Cheri’s friends have to see her naked in order to qualify as one of her friends. Cheri and Rick discuss Mt. Everest’s poop and death problem because what is an episode without a discussion about poop and death. The Live Beer Review is Abita Brewing’s 30° 90°.

This Epic Disaster 34 – Fat and High

Cheri is back from her Colorado vacation this week and Rick wants to know what it’s like visiting a place where weed is legal. Did Cheri indulge? Did she hide drugs in her butt when coming home on the plane? Inquiring minds want to know. Since the episode was recorded the day after Cheri’s birthday, Rick gives birthday gifts. Rick has started the potato diet and reports on progress. The Live Beer Review this week is Wild Range Brewing Company’s India Pale Ale.

This Epic Disaster 33 – Don’t Eat That!

Rick asks Cheri what the strangest food she has eaten would be and he regrets it immediately. A discussion about weird foods follow, including a list of some of the most bizarre foods in the world. Rick recalls a documentary he once saw about a penis museum and wonders about the donors. The Live Beer Review is the yummy Curieux by Allagash Brewing Company.

This Epic Disaster 32 – Dog Days

Cheri adopted a new puppy this week! She tells the story of how she found her new family member. Rick gives a shout out to his friend Tara Dublin who is starting a new political roundtable podcast called The Taylor and Tara Radio Show. If you like fiery political discussion, go over to and give them a listen. Cheri forces Rick to confront his sexuality, which he’s okay with. Rick decides he needs to start a new career. Unfortunately, all paths seem to point to porn. Our Live Beer Review is Hazelnut Brown Nectar by Rogue Ales and Spirits.

This Epic Disaster 31 – Not Gonna Buy A Bitch A Pony

Cheri and Rick have returned from photographing a friend’s wedding which has led them to think of many moral dilemmas regarding weddings, from stealing gifts to catching members of the wedding party in compromising positions. Also, discussed is the best concerts ever attended, including some listener submissions.This week’s Live Beer Review is Lord Gray by Three Taverns Brewery. Give us some love this week by telling your friends about us or posting this show on your social media. Many thanks!