157: Gettin’ High

TED 157 Gettin High

Rick and Cheri discuss the technicalities and the practicalities of psychedelics, marijuana (Mary Jane) and booze. Also, Rick’s psychic skills are highly tuned in 2021. Our Live Beer Review is Black Currant Gose by UpCountry Brewing Company.

156: Use Only As Directed

TED 156 Use Only As Directed

Cheri and Rick each begin 2021 by putting too much of bad substances in their body and they reap the consequences. We read some viewer mail and Rick tells of a love struck dude who digs a tunnel from his house to his lover’s house. Our Live Beer Review this week is not actually a beer but the racist slappin’ Twisted Tea by Twisted Tea Brewing Company.

155: End And Beginning

We say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and a cautious hello to 2021. A big “Thank You” to our listeners who have stuck with us for these past many years! You are why we do this. Thanks for encouraging our nonsense! Our Live Beer Review this week is Tantrum Brewing Company’s “90s Baby.”

154: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

TED 154 Happy Birthday Jesus

It’s Christmas week and Rick fulfills our Hallmark Christmas Movie Challenge with his own custom Hallmark movie script. Rick relays the most idiotic Hallmark Christmas movie he as seen this year. Cheri and Rick participate in the annual giving of the Christmas gifts. Our Live Beer Review is The PastryArchy Candy Cane Imperial Stout by Duclaw Brewing Company. Happy Holidays everyone!

153: A Hallmark COVID Christmas

TED 153 A Hallmark COVID Christmas

We’re a little late this week because of a COVID scare. Cheri too the test. Did she pass or fail? Cheri takes our Hallmark Christmas movie challenge. Rick ponders the safety of a vaccine but he’s not sure if he can remember how to say the word. No Live Beer Review this week. Maybe next week we’ll have two.

152: That’s Gay

TED 152 That's Gay

Rick discovers a new movie he believes to be the best of the year. Cheri and Rick recall their experiences with “gayness.” Rick slaps down a challenge for Cheri and the podcast listeners. Cheri’s phone dies and her phone company offers to send her a new one. Rick tries to move some art. Our Live Beer Review is Gay Beer by Butternuts Beer and Ale.

151: Wild Animals

TED 153 Wild Animals

Rick is trading sleep for art. Dreams of wild animals are causing alarm and Rick and Cheri ponder the nature of God. Our Live Beer Review is Pontoon Brewing’s Fight Milk. [C:3-R:4]

150: Thanksgiving 2020

TED 150 Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Cheri is having holiday sex dreams and Rick is having new tire remorse. Live video coming on Thanksgiving! Join Us. Our Live Beer Review Is the Guinness Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout.

149: How Do You Make A Hormone?

TED 149 How Do You Make A Hormone?

November is halfway done, everyone! Didn’t October just start? What commercials have stolen your favorite Christmas songs and ruined them forever? Rick gets the results back from his testosterone test. He should have studied harder. When is the last time you will ever have sex? It’ll happen. Rick gets upset that his wife doesn’t know how to have a champagne celebration. Our Live Beer Review is Pepe Cinnamon Milk Stout by Yazoo. [C:2-R:4.5]

148: Gay Log Cabin Sex

TED #148 Gay Log Cabin Sex

Rick and Cheri are sick of politics and Rick goes on a political fast. But not before revealing a vast political conspiracy he believes is happening in his own front yard. Cheri discusses the ins and outs of bisexual sex and Rick recalls going on a Facebook Pipe Smoking Group and getting propositioned about a completely different type of pipe smoking. We reveal our three-question Checklist For Inappropriate Behavior in Relationships. Our Live Beer Review is Coffee Minotaur by Orpheus Brewing, maybe the best beer ever!