163: New Bad Stuff

TED 163 New Bad Stuff

Rick gets crappy carpet service. Cheri’s ID is stolen by someone who goes loan-crazy. Rick recalls almost falling for SPAM scams. We wonder if we are almost in the era where we find porn and sex videos of our grandparents after they die. Rick recalls seeing his parents naked. Our Live Beer Review is Rogue Ales’ Batsquatch.

161: I Feel You

TED 161 I Feel You

Rick gets a sweet new ride. Cheri is learning business empathy while Rick is learning portion control. We almost ruin a listeners big surprise because, well, that would certainly be a disaster, now wouldn’t it? Our Live Beer Review is Wicked Weed Brewing’s Hop Cocoa Porter.

160: Not The Real Band

Ted 160 Not The Real Band

This week we ask, if you could witness an infamous tragedy in person, without it physically touching you, what would you want to see? Are tribute bands ever an acceptable alternative to the real thing? Rick reminisces about his American Gladiator crushes. This week’s Live Beer Review is Catawba’s Honey Combed Honey Nut Breakfast Stout.

158: Oh Boy! Here Comes Boojum!

TED 158 Oh Boy! Here Comes Boojum!

Rick is falling apart all at once and the sudden focus on advanced age has brought him to moments of uncharacteristic nostalgia. He remembers an old album that had a very significant impact on his life. Cheri thinks “Cute Grandpa” is a sexy term of endearment. Our Live Beer Review is Balsam Brown Ale by Boojum Brewing Company.

157: Gettin’ High

TED 157 Gettin High

Rick and Cheri discuss the technicalities and the practicalities of psychedelics, marijuana (Mary Jane) and booze. Also, Rick’s psychic skills are highly tuned in 2021. Our Live Beer Review is Black Currant Gose by UpCountry Brewing Company.

156: Use Only As Directed

TED 156 Use Only As Directed

Cheri and Rick each begin 2021 by putting too much of bad substances in their body and they reap the consequences. We read some viewer mail and Rick tells of a love struck dude who digs a tunnel from his house to his lover’s house. Our Live Beer Review this week is not actually a beer but the racist slappin’ Twisted Tea by Twisted Tea Brewing Company.

155: End And Beginning

We say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and a cautious hello to 2021. A big “Thank You” to our listeners who have stuck with us for these past many years! You are why we do this. Thanks for encouraging our nonsense! Our Live Beer Review this week is Tantrum Brewing Company’s “90s Baby.”