So, I fell a little behind in posting episodes to the website. I apologize. It’s a very important thing to do, as are most PR and marketing tasks of a podcast. It’s also kind of a full-time job and I already have 4 of those. Still, no excuse. Our listeners deserve more. Wait, if that’s true, why are they listening to TED? Never mind. We like you listener people and want you to keep listening so I promise to make an attempt to keep everything up to date. If I slip, I will kick my ass and make me get back online and do it.

I want to try to create more blog posts. Sort of like this, only better. Maybe with some nudity. I’m not sure about that part though. We’re still in talks with your mom. Ha! Never hesitate to take advantage of a “your mom” joke. Anyway, I think Cheri and I will be trying to blog here more. Maybe some behind the scene looks at the podcast or a little more info on a subject we discuss. Maybe you’ll find it interesting. Let us know.

I changed out my official podcast bio pic. I had the old one since the beginning. The new one makes me look much more friendly and balanced. I know you’ll agree.

Thanks for listening, Disasterbators! Tell your mom I said “Hi.”


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