This Epic Disaster 28 – Maggot Wranglers

This week Cheri and Rick discuss fond remembrances of Anthony Bourdain and wonder how any one of us could help out someone who is going through a depression. Rick wonders if there are people with jobs as Hollywood Maggot Wranglers and how one would get in touch with them. Our Live Beer Review is Indeed Brewing’s Mexican Honey.

This Epic Disaster 27 – Boobs

Sometimes you need one entire podcast to discuss boobs. I don’t know why. To one degree or another we all have them but some are more fabulous than others and, whether we like it or not, boobs rule the world. Cheri and Rick try to figure out why. Our Live Beer Review this week is D9 Brewing Company’s Viking Scottish Sour Ale. Pour one as you listen!

This Epic Disaster 26 – Opposite Sex Friendships

One of Cheri’s friends told her she won’t be successful in dating because her best friend is a man. Now she’s concerned. What’s the real deal here? Can women and men be best friends without having a sexual relationship or at least wanting to? Would it make a difference if they have had sex in the past but no longer want to? Should male/female best friends just go ahead and have sex to get rid of any sexual tension in the relationship? Cheri and Rick try to get to the bottom of things. Our Live Beer Review this week is De-Lovely Porter by Urban Growler.

This Epic Disaster 25 – Hunted By A Murderer

Cheri thinks she may know who murdered someone she knows and Rick thinks that may now make her a target for the murderer. Rick is concerned about very small drones as well as drones that can see through walls and especially drones that can be completely controlled by A.I.. We wonder if is southern culture appropriation if a California band sings Appalachian Bluegrass music? We consider a live broadcast on July 4. Now go vote on songs for our Summer Playlist 2018! Our Live Beer Review is the fancy Three Philosophers by Omme Gang Brewery.

This Epic Disaster 24 -Funny Stuff

On this episode, Cheri and Rick discuss comedy. A lot. In fact, if you don’t like comedy maybe you shouldn’t listen to this episode. Cheri reminisces about the one time she did standup comedy for a work event when she told jokes she really shouldn’t have. And speaking of… she tells several jokes we really wish she wouldn’t have. Rick has some statistics about love and then brings out some Missed Connections. Rick is concerned about the stains on his thrift store books and ponders the origins. New entries are added to our Summer Playlist 2018 and Our Live Beer Review is Louisville Lager by GoodWood Brewing Company.

This Epic Disaster 23 – Happy Endings

Cheri is on a new diet that doesn’t allow her to have carbs and unfortunately Rick buys her favorite beer. How’s that going to work? Rick has several issues regarding political correctness and tries to get some advice from Cheri. Cheri and Rick share some experience they have had regarding massages and whether or not they’ve had a… ahem… happy ending. Cheri preps to go see Deadpool 2 and Rick wants to see if she sneaks any popcorn on her diet. We add more songs to our Summer Playlist 2018. Our Live Beer Review is Rapturous by Three Taverns Brewing.

This Epic Disaster 22 – No More Tightie Whities

A good way to start your week is with a new episode of “Thrift Store Gift Party”! What kind of weird things did Rick buy at the thrift store this time and will Cheri figure out new and creative ways to leave all the gifts behind before she goes home? Rick seems to be trying to get in touch with his high school days with a new musical venture. Did you know there is a revolution going on in men’s underwear? Rick tries to get to the bottom of the whole thing (heh, heh). We have new entries in our “This Epic Disaster Summer Playlist 2018” (Go Vote!). This week’s Live Beer Review is New Holland Brewery’s Blue Sunday.

This Epic Disaster 21 – Dating and Killing

Cheri is back to health after a couple weeks of living the #SickLife. Cheri and Rick both have encounters with the Impossible Burger and Rick decides to check into it and see how someone can make veggies taste so much like real beef. Cheri can’t decide whether she wants to look at dating profiles online or dig into stories about true crime and killers. Rick decides the Impossible Burger may not be the only case of weird food combinations tasting yummy so he finds some more and quizzes Cheri whether she would try them. We add new entries to our Summer Playlist 2018 ( go and vote for your favorites!). Our Live Beer Review is Unibroue’s La Fin Du Monde.

This Epic Disaster 20 – A New Way To Jump

Rick decides to celebrate his birthday by getting healthy and buys a ropeless jump rope. Yep. Good luck with that. Cheri and Rick give their opinions on some of this week’s events such as the catching of the Golden State Killer, the conviction of Bill Cosby and the voice of The Simpsons‘ Apu. You know that’s gotta be good. New entries are added to our Summer Playlist 2018 (go to and vote!). Our Live Beer Review is Orpheus Brewing’s Atalanta. Stay well and healthy, friends!