#50 – Random Encounters

Hey, it’s episode 50 which means we’re almost a full year into This Epic Disaster Podcast! Send us an email at thisepicdisaster@gmail.com and tell us what you think of our little show. How can we do better? What can we add? What should we drop? This week we wind up our Thanksgiving celebrations and start gearing up for Christmas. Rick has a couple of seemingly random encounters this week with a friend and a stranger. Could these mean new adventures for the new year? We just might have our first 5 star beer of the year with Boulevard Brewing Company’s Bourbon Barrel Quad.

This Epic Disaster is a weekly comedy podcast originating in Atlanta. Download new episodes on iTunes, GooglePlay and anywhere else you get great podcasts.

#49 Dressing or Stuffing?

It’s Thanksgiving week and Rick recalls a big argument in one of his relationships: is it dressing or stuffing? Cheri discovers that turkeys have been recalled due to salmonella but no one will tell where they come from. A listener letter about the definition of sex initiates new conversations including a story about Canadian doctors doing unauthorized exams on women. Cheri prepares for a bionic knee and Rick finds a video channel by Nordic Whisper that combines boobs and ASMR. Speaking of Nordic, our Live Beer Review features Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter by Einstök Beer.

This Epic Disaster is a weekly comedy podcast originating in Atlanta. Download new episodes on iTunes, GooglePlay and anywhere else you get great podcasts.

48 – Light One and Taste It!

Well. In what may be our most inappropriate episode ever, we ask (and answer) questions like “Is it too early to put up Christmas decorations?” “Should babies be circumcised?” Is it okay to masturbate with mayonnaise?” “What is the difference between a Brazilian and Nazi wax?” “Why should you never put a bicycle pump in your rectum?” “What is the definition of sex?” and “What is being unfaithful?” We’re not sure what to say other than we’re really, really sorry. Our Live Beer Review is Siracusa Nera by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

This Epic Disaster is a weekly comedy podcast originating in Atlanta. Download new episodes on iTunes, GooglePlay and anywhere else you get great podcasts.

This Epic Disaster 47 – Monkee Chow Mein

Cheri and Rick welcome November with some little known November facts. Cheri ruins Rick’s day with new Dad Jokes and Rick finds some lonely folks looking for Halloween Missed Connections. Rick doesn’t understand how one particular commercial jingle made it through the agency and then tries to wade through several racially insensitive episodes of The Monkees. Our Live Beer Review is the not so pumpkiny Ichabod by New Holland Brewing.

This Epic Disaster is a weekly comedy podcast originating in Atlanta. Download new episodes on iTunes, GooglePlay and anywhere else you get great podcasts.

This Epic Disaster 46 – Trick or Treat!

It’s the day before Halloween and Cheri and Rick have treats on their mind. Rick discusses the 25 most popular Halloween candy in America. Where does your favorite rank? Cheri tells of a city that has banned a certain type of candy. Rick has been internet stalking someone and wonders how he can actually become this person’s real friend. We name the winners of our This Epic Disaster Trick or Treat game. Our Live Beer Review is Funk 49 by Turnagain Brewing.

This Epic Disaster 45 – Special Guest “The Stalker”

We are joined in the studio this week by one of Cheri’s best friends, Ri-Sean AKA “The Stalker” visiting Atlanta all the way from Anchorage, Alaska! Rick tries to get sordid revelations about Cheri’s past and, in true Alaskan spirit, strikes gold. Cheri and Ri-Sean visit Atlanta’s Netherworld and live to tell about it. Rick takes an autism test and now wonders if he should get professionally tested. Ri-Sean shares one of her great life disasters and may very well top us all. Rick attempts to give Cheri relationship advice and only succeeds in pissing her off.”The Stalker” brings us “The Experiment” from Anchorage Brewing Company for our Live Beer Review.

This Epic Disaster 44 – Even More Sex!

After last week’s sex episode, Cheri decides to run with the topic and brings in a sex quiz for Rick and 25 Interesting Facts about Sex. Did you already know this stuff?? Rick wants to get into body painting but he’s afraid people will think he’s a perv. The Live Beer Review is Sour Inc Apple Rhubarb Gose by New Holland Brewing.

This Epic Disaster 43 – Relationships and Weird Sex

Rick has some gripes about a couple of products he purchased recently and can’t stop ranting about it. In Virginia, a dangerous Butt Bandit is tainting the produce section of the local grocery store. Cheri and Rick examine weird things couple do and wonder what type of dangerous sex seems exciting. This week our Trick or Treat Game kicks off on Facebook. Go Play and win prizes! Our Live Beer Review is Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale by Alltech.

This Epic Disaster’s Trick or Treat Game – THE RULES


The official This Epic Disaster‘s Trick or Treat Game dates and times are October 8 (6:00 am EST) – October 27 (11:59 pm EST ). The location is on Facebook.

  1. Copy the Official Trick or Treat Game Image from our Facebook Page.
  2. Post the Official Trick or Treat Game Image as a status to let your friends know you are playing. You can only post the image as your own status. POSTING THE IMAGE ON OTHER’S FACEBOOK PAGE IS AGAINST FACEBOOK REGULATIONS AND WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION!
  3. Write a Facebook status to let your friends know you are playing This Epic Disaster’s Trick of Treat Game and that they should post an image of any “treat” they wish to give you as a comment to your status. The “treat” does not have to be candy or even something edible. Ultimately, the image can be anything your friend wants to give to you as a treat. TAG THIS EPIC DISASTER IN YOUR STATUS. You must tag This Epic Disaster so we can see your status and your “treats” and so we will know you are playing. Tagging is as easy as typing @ThisEpicDisaster in your Facebook status and then choosing our Facebook Page. The only way we can know you are playing is if you tag us in your status. Untagged statuses will not be counted. DO NOT TAG YOUR FRIENDS! Tagging your friends in games is against Facebook’s regulations and will result in disqualification!
  4. We recommend posting the image once per day. However, you may post a status as many times as you wish to let your friends know you are playing and that they should see your previous post and leave a “treat.”
  5. Only one prize per person.
  6. This Epic Disaster’s Trick or Treat Game is free to play and open to anyone aged 18 or over. Players do not have to be current podcast listeners, although prizes will be announced on the podcast October 26. This Epic Disaster’s Trick or Treat Game is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.
  7. The decision of the judges are final in all matters relating to prizes and participation. Judges have the right to disqualify anyone for breaking Facebook regulations or abusive conduct of any kind. Game may be terminated or adjusted if any violation of Facebook rules and regulations become apparent.

Prizes will be announced on This Epic Disaster Episode #46 released Monday October 29.


(Winner is the Player with the Most Prizes or Who Receives The Secret “Grand Prize Buster Treat” From One Of Their Friends.)

1. YOU will be a GUEST on This Epic Disaster Podcast! We’ll interview you and talk about whatever you want.
2. This Epic Disaster Jay Hilgenfeld designed T-Shirt

3. YOU will be featured on our website.
4. An Original Art Piece by Rick Baldwin.

Other Prizes:

Be the first to get a “treat” from our secret list and win a Movie Pack of Rick and Cheri’s Favorite Horror Films!

Lucky Winners Will Also Receive::

Skeleton Hand Beer Opener

6 piece Nylon Fake Tattoo Sleeve Arm Stockings

Walking Dead 110z Heat Sensitive, Color Changing Mug

I’m A Disasterbator T-Shirt

This Epic Disaster Logo T-Shirt

This Epic Disaster 42 – The Halloween Game!

We’re a little late since Rick just returned from a week in Florida where he experienced lots of extreme weather and extreme bikinis. This week we announce our new Facebook Trick or Treat game! Everyone can play along with us for free! Grand Prize is a This Epic Disaster T-Shirt, and original art piece by Rick AND you will be a guest on the podcast! There are several other prizes as well so check the Facebook page and podcast website for game rules and prizes. This week’s Live Beer Review is Elysian Brewing’s The Great Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Ale.