146: Change of Value


This week, Rick is fascinated about things that used to mean a lot becoming trash. Cheri discusses amazing things women can do with their privates. Rick wonders what the worst thing Cheri has done in someone else’s house and Cheri and Rick discuss whether the want to attend a Halloween showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Our Live Beer Review is Anderson Valley’s Pinchy Jeek Barl.

145: Sliding Right In

Sliding Right In

Happy Monday in October everyone. We hope you enjoy this episode even though it turned out to be one of our few really NSFW episodes. It’s possible it may just be NSF anywhere. Oh well. We hope you’ll still come back for more episodes. Our Live Beer Review this week is New Belgium’s Pumpkin Tart. [C3.5-R3]

144: The Third Wheel

TED 144 The Third Wheel

Rick suspects he may have COVID-19 (again) but isn’t sure he wants to go through another test. Cheri and Rick pat tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Rick wants to know if Cheri would ever have sex with a good friend without wanting the relationship to go further. Cheri is feeling like she is becoming the Third Wheel in one of her friend’s relationships. Our Live Beer Review is Sycamore Pumpkin Latte Blonde by Sycamore Brewing.

143: Orgasmic Meditation

Ted 143 Orgasmic Meditation

Cheri and Rick celebrate the return of fall and the return of murder. Rick discovers a spirituality called Orgasmic Meditation. What the… We discuss the possibility of cancelling our Halloween Storytelling Show due to lack of submissions. What the… Our Live Beer Review kicks off our month of pumpkin beers with Blackstone Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Ale.

142: The Biggest Tool

TED 142 The Biggest Tool

Rick has weird experiences at the DMV. A discussion begins about collecting and hoarding as we get older and way too much talk about penises. Details about our Halloween Storytelling Podcast “A Scare Affair”. This year we’re coproducing the show with the ESO Network. Submit your stories! Our Live Beer Review is Wayfarer by Green Man Brewing Company.

141: Sweep The Leg

TED 141 Sweep The Leg

Rick has been binge-watching Cobra Kai and shows no mercy as he finally talks Cheri into giving it a view. Cheri and Rick remember all the dangers of riding in a station wagon during the 70s. A discussion about super humans and Southern stereotypes follows then Rick shares a heartwarming squirrel story. Our Live Beer Review is Retire By The Fire by Charm City Meadworks.

140: Late

TED Episode 140 Late

Well, we didn’t release this show after recording it last week because Rick went out of town and forgot to post it before he left. That kind of thing happens when you get really, really old. So just ignore all the talk about Labor Day. Cheri and Rick have some weird dreams, Rick’s van gives up the ghost and Cheri has some quarantine vet experiences. Our Live Beer Review is Red Hare Brewing Company’s Citra DryHop Lager.

139: Lots and Lots of SEX!

139 TED Lots and Lots of SEX!

Welcome to our largest episode to date! It’s large, it’s big, it’s fully engorged! It’s our SEX Episode! So much SEX in this episode! SEX trivia! SEX facts! Sex world records! There’s so much SEX in this episode, you’ll want to light up a cigarette after listening! But don’t, smoking is very bad for you. Just leave the cash on the nightstand and we won’t tell a soul. Our Live Beer Review is 18th Street Brewery’s SEX and Candy. Hmmm, should we do it again??

138: Chinese Shoes

TED 138 Chinese Shoes

Rick’s long awaited package from China finally comes in. Is it everything he hoped for? Rick can’t finish the movie “Rocketman.” Cheri prepares for Halloween and we kick off our 5th Annual Halloween Story Podcast. Rick analyzes his Garrison Keillor conspiracy. Our Live Beer Review is the orange juicy Bama Mosa Brut by Back Forty Beer Company