133: Slashing For Love


This week, Rick stops eating, Cheri discovers the perils of business IMing, Rick tells of one mans extreme way of trying to meet women while Cheri and Rick recall their own extreme dating actions and Rick finds quarantine relief in online shopping. Our Live Beer Review Is Mike’s Pastry Cannoli Stout by Harpoon Brewery

131: The COVID Test


TED-131-COVID-TestRick takes a COVID19 Test and describes what it’s like and reveals the results. Cheri and Rick taste-test a cheese spread by someone named Chad and discuss the downfall of statues and monuments. Our Live Beer Review is Not Today Satan by Pontoon Brewery.

130: Atlanta Flashers

This Epic Disaster 130 Atlanta Flashers

Rick gets caught in a rainstorm and discovers many Atlanta drivers don’t know how to use their flashers. Cheri discusses the current state of many American workers. Rick wonders how far one would travel to be with someone they love. Cheri brings in Japanese Mochi for a taste test.The Live Beer Review is Solid Gold by Founders Brewing Company.

129: Pork Rinds


Greetings Disasterbators! Hope everyone is doing well out there. In this episode, Cheri relaxes with floor plans and Rick looses his pet polar bear. A shipment of vegetarian pork rinds comes in and Cheri and Rick do a taste test. How do you think they measure up? Our Live Beer Review is Kuromame Ale by Kyoto Beer.

128: Too Many Penises

128 TED Too Many Penises

On this episode, we check out some listener mail and discuss some crazy, bizarre lovers. Rick explains a dumb way to become a superhero and Cheri tells us about a dating app for men with small “packages,” finally revealing she one had a personal experience with a severely endowed-challenged dude. Our Live Beer Review is Saloon Style Pilsner by Lonerider Brewing Company.


126 – Starsky and Hutch vs The Satanists.

Starsky Hutch Satan

Rick returns from his work trip with tales of small towns with insane road layouts and no Starbuck’s. Hellish. Cheri craves a regular game night. Rick gets in touch with his inner Billy Joel. Cheri brings up a new dream for interpretation and the results aren’t what she expected. Our next Zoom Hangout is Sunday June 7, 2020 at 8PM EST. This week’s Live Beer Review is Chattahooligan “For The Boys In Blue” by Chattanooga Brewing.

125 – Special Guest: Rachel Chambers


This week we discuss with our special guest, Rachel Chambers, the art of dressing sets for big-time Hollywood films. Rachel also recently completed a course in standup comedy and talks about her experience writing and performing a comedy routine. Our Live Beer Review this week is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.