114: Prison Sex


This week’s show is also recorded on video! Check our website, YouTube and Facebook page to watch! Rick’s weight loss app isn’t working. Cheri wants to know what type of prison sex Rick would be open to. We ponder the ins and outs of double genitalia, Mardi Gras facts are distributed freely and Cheri freaks out over bed bugs. Our Live Beer Review is Bed of Nails by High Wire Brewing.

113: Hogs and Cows Living Together!

TED 113 Hogs And Cows Living Together

In episode #113 Rick goes on a photography safari to some of Georgia’s small towns and discovers a very unique friendship. Cheri watches horses and hopes they don’t get flooded out. Rick connects with the latest Eddie Murphy movie and Cheri connects with a family who finds their new puppy through an unexpected chain of events. Our Live Beer Review this week is Pontoon Brewing’s Sour Flower.

112: Falling In Love Is A Gas

This Epic Disaster 112

Rick goes back to his hometown of Knoxville, TN and notices how things have changed. Have you ever stayed in an Air B&B and wondered if someone is spying on you? What images say “small southern town” to you? Should you be able to see people naked any time you want? Why would you want to? Cheri shares some useful facts about Valentine’s Day. Our Live Beer Review is Recluse Brown Ale by Element Exchange.

111: Getting Existential


We’re back in the studio for episode 111 so we’re highly polished and professional, although we talk a little bit about poop and boobs. Rick wonders why he and Cheri are still friends. Cheri dreams of completely transcending sickness. Rick wonders if he should try stand up comedy again. Cheri and Rick discuss Genetic Sexual Attraction [TRIGGER WARNING] and it forces them to wonder if any of their relatives are hot. Our Live Beer Review this week is Beacon Brewing Company’s Crushable.

110: Filthy Animals

TED 110: Masks

Cheri and Rick continue to plow through and pick up seasonal cold germs and viruses. They are both walking Petri dishes at this point. Rick gets a beard butchering by an over enthusiastic hair stylus. Can a neti pot keep you healthy? It may be time to put it to the test. Rick has a film recommendation from an unexpected genre and exposes a moral dilemma about nature documentaries. We change up our Live Beer Review this week with some hot Crafty Black Cherry Hard Apple Cider by Wyndridge.

109: Nasty Meat

TED 109 Nasty Meat

After seeing a commercial for “plant-based butter” Cheri and Rick decide to put the stuff to a taste test and see if it is, in fact, edible. Rick wants to know the nastiest thing Cheri has ever eaten. Cheri discusses why it is possible to light farts and then can’t stop talking about farts. Rick wonders if adults on a first date have an automatic anticipation of sex. This week’s Live Beer Review is D9 Brewing Company’s Superstitious Pigeons.

108: Revenge of the Cyclops

TED Revenge of the Cyclops

We’re a little late this week due to Cheri’s unfortunate New Year’s Eve eye disaster. She explains all details. Rick gets called to serve on the grand jury where he tries to enforce his idea of the law onto unsuspecting citizens. “The Irishman” get an academy award nomination and Rick has some issues about it. We toss out a final, desperate Hail Mary for some New Year’s Eve missed connections. Live Beer Review is Brewery Ommegang’s Abbey Ale.

107 – A 2020 Poke In The Eye

TED 107 A 2020 Poke In The Eye

Welcome to 2020 friends! Cheri goes out New Year’s Eve partying and comes back with a black eye. Rick carries a dog up a flight of stairs and strains his back. It’s a geezer New Year for these two. Cheri makes an unrequited confession. Rick is downloading books and then buying the same books. Our new Top and Bottom feature asks “Where are the places you wouldn’t mind being naked?” Our Live Beer Review is Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale by 21st Amendment Brewery.

# 106: The Last of the Teens


Our final show of the year is also our first one of the next year! goodbye 2019! Hello 2020! Cheri and Rick remember the best and the worst of 2019 and make new plans for 2020! Happy New Year to all of of our listeners! Stay safe and party like it’s 2020! ‘Cause it is! Our Live Beer Review is Liquid Spiritual Delight Imperial Stout By 2nd Shift Brewing.