185: I Got A Crush on You

TED 185 Crush

Rick is pretty sure his dog doesn’t like him. Cheri investigates. How many crushes are too many? Rick believes he has too many and has had too many crushes his entire life. Is there such a thing? We’re already preparing our LIVE 2021 Halloween Storytelling event, “Art Of The Dead.” Will you be writing a story for us? Our Live Beer Review is Wild Leap’s LMN ADE Sour Ale.

184: I Was A Mail Order Bride

TED 184 I Was A Mail Order Bride

What is it like being a mail-order bride? Would you ever consider getting one? Would you ever consider being one? Rick and Cheri discuss their favorite movies that no one would ever believe they love. Rick is having too many dreams about guns. Our Live Beer Review is Peach Dreamsicle by Terrapin Beer Company.

182: Serial Killer’s Mom

TED 182

Cheri and Rick discuss whether it’s a good thing to ever go out with the ex of an ex. Rick discovers an awesome new cooking show. Cheri ponders “sedation tattooing” and Rick remembers the last time he looked good nude. Our Live Beer Review is Hi-Wire Brewing’s Double Cherry Sour Smoothie.

181: Fourth of JuLIVE 2021

TED 181 Fourth of JuLIVE 2021

Our Annual LIVE Fourth of July broadcast, complete with LIVE silliness. Celebrate Independence with us! Our Live Beer Review is Still Fire Brewing’s Midnight Voyage.

180: You Can’t Sing That Anymore

TED 180

Rick thinks he may be having podcast regret. Cheri prepares us for next week’s Fourth of JuLIVE Live Broadcast. Rick realizes there are many song lyrics that are no longer appropriate to sing. We plan some significant changes to the podcast as we prepare for episode #200. Our Live Beer Review is Reformation Brewery’s Ramble.

179: Eating South Korea


Rick and Cheri try to move on from sex euphemisms. Cheri prepares to celebrate sanitation workers. Rick has a rant about “titties.” We sample the sweet world of South Korean snacks. Our Live Beer Review is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

178: King of Corn

TED 178 Pride Trooper

It’s Pride month and we discuss how a straight, white dude might choose to celebrate. Rick can’t remember how to make popcorn. Cheri wants to discuss her “internal exploratories.” Rick discovers some shocking developments in his gallery. This week’s Live Beer Review is St. Peter’s Old Style Porter by St. Peter’s Brewery.

177: Regrets? We’ve Had A Few


Rick has examined the recently released UFO videos and has some issues. Cheri doesn’t think driving to Alaska is a good idea. Rick wonders what our listeners have been forced to quit even though they wish they could still do? Cheri and Rick ponder their life regrets. Our Live Beer Review is UFO White American Style White Ale by UFO Beer Company.