169: Ascending Into The Clouds

TED 169 Ascending Into The Clouds

Easter has come and gone but Rick decides it’s the perfect time to air his biggest gripe about the Easter story. Do southern accents make a person sound less intelligent? We discuss. We all have prejudices but the most dangerous ones are the ones hidden. Get them out in the open and ask yourself why they are there! Our Live Beer Review is Good Word’s Wordless Chorus.

167: Going Live?

TED 167 Moody

Cheri and Rick ponder some reoccurring live events. How well has Harry Potter aged? How have the movies affected your life? We discuss. We celebrate all the people we know with the same name. Rick wonders what movie stereotypes we are currently making. Our Live Beer Review is She’Brew #RGB IPA by Shmaltz.

166: Sleepy St. Patrick’s Day

TED 166 Irish

Rick and Cheri eat a lot of pizza and try to overcome the carb coma to do a good show. It’s St. Patrick’s Day week and we look back at how COVID 19 has stolen our celebrations twice! Rick proposes a new St. Patrick’s Day celebration he hopes will catch on annually. Cheri wows us with some Irish trivia. Our Live Beer Review is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

163: New Bad Stuff

TED 163 New Bad Stuff

Rick gets crappy carpet service. Cheri’s ID is stolen by someone who goes loan-crazy. Rick recalls almost falling for SPAM scams. We wonder if we are almost in the era where we find porn and sex videos of our grandparents after they die. Rick recalls seeing his parents naked. Our Live Beer Review is Rogue Ales’ Batsquatch.

161: I Feel You

TED 161 I Feel You

Rick gets a sweet new ride. Cheri is learning business empathy while Rick is learning portion control. We almost ruin a listeners big surprise because, well, that would certainly be a disaster, now wouldn’t it? Our Live Beer Review is Wicked Weed Brewing’s Hop Cocoa Porter.

160: Not The Real Band

Ted 160 Not The Real Band

This week we ask, if you could witness an infamous tragedy in person, without it physically touching you, what would you want to see? Are tribute bands ever an acceptable alternative to the real thing? Rick reminisces about his American Gladiator crushes. This week’s Live Beer Review is Catawba’s Honey Combed Honey Nut Breakfast Stout.