204: Bad Doctor

Rick has been doing something on the internet that he is ashamed to admit. Cheri has an uncomfortable encounter with an unprofessional doctor. When does protesting against a company’s policies actually punish the wrong people? Our Live Beer Review is Lucky Chicken by Lucky Brew.

203: Famous Farts

Rick gets good health news but several celebrities do not. And speaking of celebrities, there are a few who are relying on a rather novel way to make a few extra bucks. Lots of extra bucks it turns out. Our Live Beer Review is Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA.

202: My Asteroid Hurts!

With the National Holiday on Monday, someone got busy having fun and forgot to post the podcast on the proper day. We won’t mention his name here. Rick sees the Netflix movie about asteroids and wonders what the chances the Earth could be headed for doom. Speaking of which, if an asteroid was heading for the earth, would you want to hang around to experience the impending doom or would you off yourself and enjoy and early peaceful eternal rest? This week’s Live Beer Review is Sycamore’s Special Brownies.

201: It’s All A Conspiracy!

Why do people believe conspiracies? Are there any conspiracies that you think might have some merit? And what are the most popular conspiracies being debated today? Cheri and Rick investigate. Our Live Beer Review this week is Interrogation Coffee Milk Stout by Scofflaw Brewing Company.

200: Episode 200! Finally!

After tons of setbacks, we finally release our 200th episode! Whew! That’s to everyone for being patient. In this show we discuss all about the podcast and how we got where we are today. We give you a behind the scenes peek into our process and we discuss whether we should continue or quit while we’re ahead. Thanks to everyone for sticking with us this far!

199: Glass Slipper

Did you ever have one of those days? You know, one of those days where you end up with a giant piece of glass in your foot? Well Cheri did this week. Our Live Beer Review is Three Taverns & Mastodon’s Teardrinker IPA.

198: You Got A Purdy Mouth

Rick is troubled that the youth of today don’t seem to be familiar with the film “Deliverance.” Cheri tries to conquer anxiety. Rick takes on Cheri’s 80s Trivia Challenge and it isn’t quite a thriller. Our Live Beer Review is Pontoon Brewing’s Witching Hour.

197: The Shank In My Rectum

Cheri and Rick regroup after Halloween and prepare for the Holidays. Cheri anticipates an upcoming medical procedure. Rick wonders how to make a confession to his wife. Our Live Beer Review is the divisive Kentucky Beer Barrel Peppermint Porter by Lexington Brewing and Distillery.

196: Happy Halloween 2021

TED 196 Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween 2021! We can’t even believe it’s already Halloween, but we’ve prepared a creepy show for you nonetheless! Ghost stories, facts about vampires and vampire bats, a story written by a fellow Disasterbator and a classic horror story from our early podcasting days. Additionally, we have a scary version of “Would You Rather?” and our Live Beer Review is the crimson Bloodmoon by Blue Tarp Brewing Company. Happy Trick or Treating!