103: Checkmate

dog chess

Welcome to episode 103 of This Epic Disaster! Rick goes to Cirque du Soleil and wonders if he’s wasted his entire life. Cheri learns chess. Rick gets a drastic haircut. A listener gets a nickname and Rick and Cheri ponder how far an infraction must go before one no longer gets forgiveness. Our Live Beer Review this week is Anchor Brewing’s Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.

#99: Spare A Dollar??

Beggar Dogs

The Holiday Season has kicked off with Christmas already muscling in on Thanksgiving’s territory. Is there no way to hold it back?? Cheri gets caught up in traffic woes and offers advice to those behind the wheel. Rick ponders holiday charity and wonders if there is ever a time when one should help out a stranger who asks for it. Our Live Beer Review this week is Pecan Pie Paradise by Pontoon Brewing.

#98: A Nasty Steamer


Cheri and Rick pack another Halloween away for the year but decide this year’s version was pretty darn good. Discussions happen about scary country people, interesting autumn facts and why so many people have more compassion for animals than humans. Our Live Beer Review is Orange Blossom Brewing’s 2 Pilsner.

#97: Halloween Stories

Halloween Stories

We’re celebrating Halloween week with our first Halloween stories show! Thanks to the listeners who contributed this year. We have a variety of different stories, from creepy, to spooky, to downright weird. We hope you enjoy them. Our Live Beer Review this week is Southern Prohibition Brewing’s Altered Beast IPA. Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween Stories:

22:26 “Welcome Home” by Doug Johnson
23:42 “A Blessing And A Curse” by Patrick Wilcox
29:40 “Brigid McGhee’s” by Rick Baldwin
39:52 “The Display” by Adam Willhite
46:24 “Let’s Play” by Cheri Brown
52:47 “Farm Fresh Eggs” by Rick Baldwin

#95: Check Out Our Big 10

Cheri and Rick

This episode marks the 10th anniversary of Cheri and Rick meeting for the first time. They spend a little time telling how it all happened, how it almost went completely wrong, and how they ended up staying friends. Everything is ready for the big Little 5 Points Halloween Parade and Cheri and Rick will be there giving out stickers to all who want one. Our Live Beer Review is Bestie by Wild Heaven Beer.