169: Ascending Into The Clouds

TED 169 Ascending Into The Clouds

Easter has come and gone but Rick decides it’s the perfect time to air his biggest gripe about the Easter story. Do southern accents make a person sound less intelligent? We discuss. We all have prejudices but the most dangerous ones are the ones hidden. Get them out in the open and ask yourself why they are there! Our Live Beer Review is Good Word’s Wordless Chorus.

133: Slashing For Love


This week, Rick stops eating, Cheri discovers the perils of business IMing, Rick tells of one mans extreme way of trying to meet women while Cheri and Rick recall their own extreme dating actions and Rick finds quarantine relief in online shopping. Our Live Beer Review Is Mike’s Pastry Cannoli Stout by Harpoon Brewery

130: Atlanta Flashers

This Epic Disaster 130 Atlanta Flashers

Rick gets caught in a rainstorm and discovers many Atlanta drivers don’t know how to use their flashers. Cheri discusses the current state of many American workers. Rick wonders how far one would travel to be with someone they love. Cheri brings in Japanese Mochi for a taste test.The Live Beer Review is Solid Gold by Founders Brewing Company.