This Epic Disaster 34 – Fat and High

Cheri is back from her Colorado vacation this week and Rick wants to know what it’s like visiting a place where weed is legal. Did Cheri indulge? Did she hide drugs in her butt when coming home on the plane? Inquiring minds want to know. Since the episode was recorded the day after Cheri’s birthday, Rick gives birthday gifts. Rick has started the potato diet and reports on progress. The Live Beer Review this week is Wild Range Brewing Company’s India Pale Ale.

This Epic Disaster 19 – Sick and Old

Cheri has been sick in bed for days but was finally able to drag herself into the studio to record the show, thanks to a mug full of sick-blasting booze. Rick tells about his brush with fame over the weekend and new entries are added to our Summer Playlist 2018 nominations (Go to and vote!). Rick wonders about inventions we came up with when we were kids and it’s somewhat of a tossup as to whose inventions were the most disturbing. Rick is a bit down about celebrating another birthday this week so brings out a list of things that are awesome about getting old. And how was YOUR week?