174: Eat The Meat

TED 174 Eat The Meat

Rick’s new dog has behavioral issues. Cheri goes on a juice fast while Rick gets poked with multiple needles. A discussion about YouTube categories and favorite lunch meats follows, of course. Our Live Beer Review is ZiegenBock Amber by Karbach Brewing.

107 – A 2020 Poke In The Eye

TED 107 A 2020 Poke In The Eye

Welcome to 2020 friends! Cheri goes out New Year’s Eve partying and comes back with a black eye. Rick carries a dog up a flight of stairs and strains his back. It’s a geezer New Year for these two. Cheri makes an unrequited confession. Rick is downloading books and then buying the same books. Our new Top and Bottom feature asks “Where are the places you wouldn’t mind being naked?” Our Live Beer Review is Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale by 21st Amendment Brewery.