#58 The Foundations of Knee Surgery

This week we are hanging out at Cheri’s place while she recovers from knee surgery. Rick wants to know if they may have performed one of those “unauthorized exams” on her we discussed in a previous episode. Cheri is confident they didn’t. Rick says “maybe.” Rick discovers that learning the foundations of the things he currently does, can only make those things better. A woman in Vietnam goes to the doctor fo a headache and comes out with a… well, just listen. Our Live Beer Review is Hardywood’s Cuvée Gold.

#49 Dressing or Stuffing?

It’s Thanksgiving week and Rick recalls a big argument in one of his relationships: is it dressing or stuffing? Cheri discovers that turkeys have been recalled due to salmonella but no one will tell where they come from. A listener letter about the definition of sex initiates new conversations including a story about Canadian doctors doing unauthorized exams on women. Cheri prepares for a bionic knee and Rick finds a video channel by Nordic Whisper that combines boobs and ASMR. Speaking of Nordic, our Live Beer Review features Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter by Einstök Beer.

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