This Epic Disaster 43 – Relationships and Weird Sex

Rick has some gripes about a couple of products he purchased recently and can’t stop ranting about it. In Virginia, a dangerous Butt Bandit is tainting the produce section of the local grocery store. Cheri and Rick examine weird things couple do and wonder what type of dangerous sex seems exciting. This week our Trick or Treat Game kicks off on Facebook. Go Play and win prizes! Our Live Beer Review is Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale by Alltech.

This Epic Disaster 37 – Chicken Diapers

We’re a bit tardy this week so thanks for being patient. Cheri admits that she picks up poop at 5AM naked and Rick realizes that is the subject of many of his nightmares. Plans are being made for Halloween and something special is brewing. An announcement shall be forthcoming. Rick discovers a woman is making chicken diapers and thinks it’s a brilliant idea. The conversation turns to Rocky Horror Picture Show, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our Live Beer Review is A.T. Ale by Second Self Beer Company.