#99: Spare A Dollar??

Beggar Dogs

The Holiday Season has kicked off with Christmas already muscling in on Thanksgiving’s territory. Is there no way to hold it back?? Cheri gets caught up in traffic woes and offers advice to those behind the wheel. Rick ponders holiday charity and wonders if there is ever a time when one should help out a stranger who asks for it. Our Live Beer Review this week is Pecan Pie Paradise by Pontoon Brewing.

#53 The Giving of the Gifts

It’s our annual Holiday Gift Giving Episode where we give stuff to each other. These are things we give to each other that don’t require a visit from the doctor to get a shot of penicillin or some salve. Celebrate with us and give yourself something nice that you are pretty sure we’d give to you ourselves if we could. We ponder whether we should do a live, midnight reading of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Should we?? Our Live Beer Review is Bourbon Barrel Aged Drafty Kilt by Monday Night Brewing. Merry Holidays everyone!

#50 – Random Encounters

Hey, it’s episode 50 which means we’re almost a full year into This Epic Disaster Podcast! Send us an email at thisepicdisaster@gmail.com¬†and tell us what you think of our little show. How can we do better? What can we add? What should we drop? This week we wind up our Thanksgiving celebrations and start gearing up for Christmas. Rick has a couple of seemingly random encounters this week with a friend and a stranger. Could these mean new adventures for the new year? We just might have our first 5 star beer of the year with Boulevard Brewing Company’s Bourbon Barrel Quad.

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