172: Eating Spain

TED 172 Eating Spain

What’s the deal with all these music artists selling their music rights? We investigate. Cheri and Rick sample snacks from Spain and discover some tasty and some downright vile munchies. Our┬áLive Beer Review this week is Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA by Monday Night Brewing. Thanks for listening everyone! Subscribe to the podcast and listen to a new episode every Monday!

#91: Don’t Poke The Brown Bear

Brown Bear

Rick and Cheri both have dreams that involve the elimination of Cheri. Cheri brings in a special gift for Rick. Rick discusses his dog history. Cheri invites Rick to visit a Haunted House but Rick is not very enthusiastic about it. Ghost Tours with booze is agreed to be a good thing. Rick wants to get together a local group for viewing Rocky Horror Picture Show. This week’s Live Beer Review is Monday Night Brewing’s Mischief Managed Raspberry Berliner Weisse.

#68 – Snake Stories

Rick starts off in a dark mood and wonders which TV commercial spokesperson you would kill if you could. A discussion (and review) about the Motley Crue biopic “The Dirt”leads to another discussion about who the greatest “hairband” vocalist might be. Cheri discusses a story about a snake which has intrigued her for decades. Rick speculates how he might handle dangerous confrontations even though he admits he probably wouldn’t. Our Live Beer review is Monday Night Brewing’s Han Brolo Hazy Pale Ale.

#53 The Giving of the Gifts

It’s our annual Holiday Gift Giving Episode where we give stuff to each other. These are things we give to each other that don’t require a visit from the doctor to get a shot of penicillin or some salve. Celebrate with us and give yourself something nice that you are pretty sure we’d give to you ourselves if we could. We ponder whether we should do a live, midnight reading of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Should we?? Our Live Beer Review is Bourbon Barrel Aged Drafty Kilt by Monday Night Brewing. Merry Holidays everyone!