#56 When Movies Fail

What are you favorite movies that, for whatever reason, haven’t held up well over time? You know the ones, you loved them when you went to see them at the theater but when you watch them now they seem like some bad TV movie. Also, which movies have held up so well over the years, they could still seem like new even now? Send us an email and tell us your favorites. Would you want your every movements to be tracked in exchange for increased safety and security? How much of your privacy would you give up? Our Live Beer Review pours out Evening Joe Coffee Blonde Ale by Catawba Brewing.

Episode #64 – All Irish

It’s “St. Patrick’s Day” Week and we get our Irish on by discussing St. Patrick’s Day and Irish etiquette. We crack open our HUGE sack of listener mail and then discuss 18 of the best Irish movies you can watch for your celebration. Rick decides to try out CBD hemp oil and throws out an interesting idea for a future show. Our Live Beer Review this week is a controversial choice: Bud Light Platinum from Anheuser-Busch. Well, we had to do it at some point.

This Epic Disaster 8 – In the Movies

The Oscar nominations are out and we salute the movies with a 20 Question Movie Quiz. Bring your favorite movies and play along with us. Also, we uncover some old screen test clips from none other than the iPhone’s® Siri® in “Movie Scenes With Siri.” Our Live Beer Review is Black Toad Dark Ale by JosephsBrau Brewing Company.

(All apparent copyright violations are for parody and entertainment purposes only)

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Movie Scenes With Siri – From TED #8

From This Epic Disaster Podcast #8. “Movie Scenes With Siri.” Did you know Siri almost played the lead in some of your favorite films? Now you do. And here’s the proof.

(For parody and entertainment purposes only. Apologies and respect to copyright holders.)