172: Eating Spain

TED 172 Eating Spain

What’s the deal with all these music artists selling their music rights? We investigate. Cheri and Rick sample snacks from Spain and discover some tasty and some downright vile munchies. Our Live Beer Review this week is Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA by Monday Night Brewing. Thanks for listening everyone! Subscribe to the podcast and listen to a new episode every Monday!

160: Not The Real Band

Ted 160 Not The Real Band

This week we ask, if you could witness an infamous tragedy in person, without it physically touching you, what would you want to see? Are tribute bands ever an acceptable alternative to the real thing? Rick reminisces about his American Gladiator crushes. This week’s Live Beer Review is Catawba’s Honey Combed Honey Nut Breakfast Stout.

#67 – Where’s My Leg?

After years of podcasting Rick is miffed that he and Cheri still don’t have their own Wikipedia page. Cheri makes a startling admission that she doesn’t really care for one of Rick’s all-time-favorite bands. Rick makes a startling admission of his own about an artist he used to love. Somehow the conversation turns to talk of penises. We really try not to do this. But it happened. Cheri discusses an identity disorder which involves people wanting to have one or more of their limbs amputated. Our Live Beer Review this week is Yuengling’s Porter.

This Epic Disaster 22 – No More Tightie Whities

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A good way to start your week is with a new episode of “Thrift Store Gift Party”! What kind of weird things did Rick buy at the thrift store this time and will Cheri figure out new and creative ways to leave all the gifts behind before she goes home? Rick seems to be trying to get in touch with his high school days with a new musical venture. Did you know there is a revolution going on in men’s underwear? Rick tries to get to the bottom of the whole thing (heh, heh). We have new entries in our “This Epic Disaster Summer Playlist 2018” (Go Vote!). This week’s Live Beer Review is New Holland Brewery’s Blue Sunday.

This Epic Disaster 17 – Building the Perfect Summer Playlist

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Cheri and Rick recover from last week’s disaster (what the heck was that??) and decide it’s time to start building the perfect summer playlist. Of course, no one wants to be forced to listen to just Cheri and Rick’s crappy music, so feel free to send in your own suggestions. Rick’s dog has a tragic encounter with a squirrel this week which makes Rick wonder if life is a bit easier for those ho have less compassion for animals. After a stressful week of being killed, Cheri and Rick discuss the things they do to relieve stress. Our Live Beer Review this week is Southern Barrel Brewing Company’s Frozen Barrel.