This Epic Disaster 47 – Monkee Chow Mein

Cheri and Rick welcome November with some little known November facts. Cheri ruins Rick’s day with new Dad Jokes and Rick finds some lonely folks looking for Halloween Missed Connections. Rick doesn’t understand how one particular commercial jingle made it through the agency and then tries to wade through several racially insensitive episodes of The Monkees. Our Live Beer Review is the not so pumpkiny Ichabod by New Holland Brewing.

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This Epic Disaster 22 – No More Tightie Whities

A good way to start your week is with a new episode of “Thrift Store Gift Party”! What kind of weird things did Rick buy at the thrift store this time and will Cheri figure out new and creative ways to leave all the gifts behind before she goes home? Rick seems to be trying to get in touch with his high school days with a new musical venture. Did you know there is a revolution going on in men’s underwear? Rick tries to get to the bottom of the whole thing (heh, heh). We have new entries in our “This Epic Disaster Summer Playlist 2018” (Go Vote!). This week’s Live Beer Review is New Holland Brewery’s Blue Sunday.