#82: This Bites

Rick brings a much needed present to Cheri to help her deal with one of her big fears. Rick visits the Grant Park Market in Atlanta and has nothing but praises. Cheri gets a dog bite and researches what to do when bitten. Rick wants to know what changes in a relationship would most affect your relationship for the worse. Our Live Beer Review finds us climbing Southbound Brewing Company’s Mountain Jam.

This Epic Disaster 45 – Special Guest “The Stalker”

We are joined in the studio this week by one of Cheri’s best friends, Ri-Sean AKA “The Stalker” visiting Atlanta all the way from Anchorage, Alaska! Rick tries to get sordid revelations about Cheri’s past and, in true Alaskan spirit, strikes gold. Cheri and Ri-Sean visit Atlanta’s Netherworld and live to tell about it. Rick takes an autism test and now wonders if he should get professionally tested. Ri-Sean shares one of her great life disasters and may very well top us all. Rick attempts to give Cheri relationship advice and only succeeds in pissing her off.”The Stalker” brings us “The Experiment” from Anchorage Brewing Company for our Live Beer Review.

This Epic Disaster 43 – Relationships and Weird Sex

Rick has some gripes about a couple of products he purchased recently and can’t stop ranting about it. In Virginia, a dangerous Butt Bandit is tainting the produce section of the local grocery store. Cheri and Rick examine weird things couple do and wonder what type of dangerous sex seems exciting. This week our Trick or Treat Game kicks off on Facebook. Go Play and win prizes! Our Live Beer Review is Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale by Alltech.

Cheri’s Big Date

On next week’s episode Cheri reveals all the steamy details of her BIG DATE!