179: Eating South Korea


Rick and Cheri try to move on from sex euphemisms. Cheri prepares to celebrate sanitation workers. Rick has a rant about “titties.” We sample the sweet world of South Korean snacks. Our Live Beer Review is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

163: New Bad Stuff

TED 163 New Bad Stuff

Rick gets crappy carpet service. Cheri’s ID is stolen by someone who goes loan-crazy. Rick recalls almost falling for SPAM scams. We wonder if we are almost in the era where we find porn and sex videos of our grandparents after they die. Rick recalls seeing his parents naked. Our Live Beer Review is Rogue Ales’ Batsquatch.

149: How Do You Make A Hormone?

TED 149 How Do You Make A Hormone?

November is halfway done, everyone! Didn’t October just start? What commercials have stolen your favorite Christmas songs and ruined them forever? Rick gets the results back from his testosterone test. He should have studied harder. When is the last time you will ever have sex? It’ll happen. Rick gets upset that his wife doesn’t know how to have a champagne celebration. Our Live Beer Review is Pepe Cinnamon Milk Stout by Yazoo. [C:2-R:4.5]

148: Gay Log Cabin Sex

TED #148 Gay Log Cabin Sex

Rick and Cheri are sick of politics and Rick goes on a political fast. But not before revealing a vast political conspiracy he believes is happening in his own front yard. Cheri discusses the ins and outs of bisexual sex and Rick recalls going on a Facebook Pipe Smoking Group and getting propositioned about a completely different type of pipe smoking. We reveal our three-question Checklist For Inappropriate Behavior in Relationships. Our Live Beer Review is Coffee Minotaur by Orpheus Brewing, maybe the best beer ever!

144: The Third Wheel

TED 144 The Third Wheel

Rick suspects he may have COVID-19 (again) but isn’t sure he wants to go through another test. Cheri and Rick pat tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Rick wants to know if Cheri would ever have sex with a good friend without wanting the relationship to go further. Cheri is feeling like she is becoming the Third Wheel in one of her friend’s relationships. Our Live Beer Review is Sycamore Pumpkin Latte Blonde by Sycamore Brewing.