179: Eating South Korea


Rick and Cheri try to move on from sex euphemisms. Cheri prepares to celebrate sanitation workers. Rick has a rant about “titties.” We sample the sweet world of South Korean snacks. Our Live Beer Review is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

175: Eating Turkey

TED 175 Eating Turkey

We get a little crazy on this episode, things are said, regrets are set in motion. And then we eat snacks! Snacks make everything better! These snacks are from Turkey, so it’s almost like Thanksgiving! Our Live Beer Review is Devil’s Backbone by Real Ale Brewing Company.

172: Eating Spain

TED 172 Eating Spain

What’s the deal with all these music artists selling their music rights? We investigate. Cheri and Rick sample snacks from Spain and discover some tasty and some downright vile munchies. Our┬áLive Beer Review this week is Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA by Monday Night Brewing. Thanks for listening everyone! Subscribe to the podcast and listen to a new episode every Monday!