#55 – I Resolve

This week we are not broadcasting from the studio but rather out on the streets of Atlanta, talking about New Year’s resolutions and asking people what their resolutions are and trying to figure out if any of us will have any luck in keeping ours. Good luck with your own resolutions and have a great 2019!

This Epic Disaster 17 – Building the Perfect Summer Playlist

Cheri and Rick recover from last week’s disaster (what the heck was that??) and decide it’s time to start building the perfect summer playlist. Of course, no one wants to be forced to listen to just Cheri and Rick’s crappy music, so feel free to send in your own suggestions. Rick’s dog has a tragic encounter with a squirrel this week which makes Rick wonder if life is a bit easier for those ho have less compassion for animals. After a stressful week of being killed, Cheri and Rick discuss the things they do to relieve stress. Our Live Beer Review this week is Southern Barrel Brewing Company’s Frozen Barrel.