This Epic Disaster 30 – How Well Do You Know Me?

Independence Day is over and all the fireworks have settled and Cheri and Rick come back to the studio after a short vacay. We reveal the results of our 2018 Summer Playlistand break out a brand new T-Shirt design by cartoonist Jay Hilgenfeld. Rick wonders how much they actually know each other and provides a list of “Which Of Us Is Most Likely To…” questions. Maybe you think you know us and can predict the outcomes. Give it a try. This week’s Live Beer Review is Georgia Aquarium’s Sea Dragon Basil Blonde by Red Brick Brewing Company.

This Epic Disaster’s 2018 Summer Playlist

It’s This Epic Disaster’s 2018 Summer Playlist as created by the suggestions and votes of our listeners. Thanks to all who submitted suggestions and who voted. Now load up your vehicle and hit the road!