This Epic Disaster 14 – Young Romance, Old Leghumper

Stephen Hawking has left us and Rick has decided to start a petition to make his birthday a holiday. Unfortunately, only one person has signed the petition and it is Rick. Rick wonders why he and Cheri have no Wikipedia page. Cheri answers some of Rick’s new questions about last week’s tattoo story. Cheri and Rick debate how much age difference there should be between a couple. This week’s live beer review gets into it with Old Leghumper by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company.

This Epic Disaster 13 – Tattoo You

On lucky Show 13, Rick tells you who the heck Paul Lander is and why you should follow him on Twitter. After a bridge fire and collapse last year and a water main break this week, Cheri and Rick decide Atlanta is experiencing the plagues of the Bible. Could frogs and locust be next? Cheri discusses a new concept for those interested in tattoos which may just open up the slimy gates to Creepyville. Rick makes a half-assed vow regarding a tattoo this summer. Maybe. Possibly. You all hear it here. This week’s Live Beer Review features Kamen Knuddeln by Against The Grain Brewery.

This Epic Disaster 7 – Getting in Your Face

In this episode we steal a regular feature from our other podcast. We’ll be doing a Live Beer Review in each episode from now on. For this episode we review Nitro Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge Brewery. Cheri gets a new car to replace her former vehicle with the nonexistent brakes. Rick has been working on an art portrait and talks about how that becomes a much more intimate act than one would imagine. Rick and Cheri make their Super Bowl prediction and then introduce a new feature called, “That’s Not How That’s Done.” Thanks for all the feedback this week, friends. You all are awesome!